KEKELOOKS – Keke sun vaatteissa?

Keke In English


What is KEKE?

Keke in you! – clothing that supports sustainable developement

Keke (KEstävä KEhitys = sustainable developement) can mean wearing a dress found from the fleemarket, your mothers cardigan from the 70’s or grandpa’s old cap. It’s also quite Keke to sew yourself or tune something old to make it new again. Very Keke is to buy durable, timeless and well made clothing. To be a complete Keke, remember to take good care of your clothes!

Is there a story behind your outfit? Where can Keke be found in your clothes?


Keke day at the university on November 29th, 2007Wear KEKE

Where is your inner Keke? Be as Keke as you can on November 29th!

Keke photo
Come and have yourself and your Keke photographed. Tell the story behind your clothes and be part of KEKELOOKS. Studio at F-wing, 4th floor, F4061.

Keke-march at noonmeeting at F-wing, 3rd floor, end of the stairs at 11.45.


Behind Keke
KEKELOOKS photoblog was set up in autumn 2007 with enthusiasm of the students in the textile and clothing departement in University of Lapland. Behind the blog is the departments research and product developement -project that started in september 2007 under the name “Eco-project”. The goal was to reclaim textile material and to explore the recycling possibilities of fibers and materials.

On KEKELOOKS you can find photographs of people and their styles supporting sustainable developement.


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